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Students organize boycotts over Vaccine Mandates at RIT.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Flyers are being posted across the campus promoting anti-vaccine propaganda and urging people to stand up against the booster requirement by contacting them on Discord (Source: RIT Subreddit, u/Saint_Sabbat)

As the 2022 Spring Semester kicks off at the Rochester Institute of Technology, students at the Henrietta campus are organizing boycotts over recent changes to their COVID-19 protocol that require all staff and students to receive a booster shot.

David C. Munson Jr., President of the Rochester Institute of Technology.
"We are requiring faculty, staff, and students to obtain a booster shot by Monday, January 31, or within 14 days of becoming eligible for the booster vaccine," RIT President David C. Munson Jr. explained. "Booster eligibility time frame varies by vaccination and may change according to available data."

Flyers were put up across the campus promoting anti-vaccine propaganda and urging students to stand up against these new requirements by contracting the Discord user FreedomContact#6199. Among the students supporting these boycotts is Dylan Green, a Software Engineering major who avoided the mandates by taking co-ops at undisclosed locations.

Dylan Green, a Software Engineering major at the Rochester Institute of Technology (Source:
"My university, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has begun mandating the first booster, and is suggesting it will require another one for every single semester," Green explained on the alternative social platform Gab. "I have so far avoided the mandates by being on co-op at undisclosed locations. But students are furious, and numerous are coming together and organizing a boycott. I'm going to assume nobody who follows me are students there, but get ahold of me if you are."

The incident was first reported on the unofficial RIT subreddit, where it is currently being discussed amongst the RIT community. At the time of writing, university officials have yet to respond.

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