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RIT ends Fall Semester on-time, remains on Orange Alert over winter break.

As the 2020 Fall Semester comes to a close at the Rochester Institute of Technology, university President David C. Munson Jr. had offered a message of gratitude towards the RIT community for pulling everything off amidst a global pandemic.

"How did we do it? Our community took the virus seriously and was fully committed to doing whatever was necessary to stay safe. We were RIT ready and we’ll stay RIT ready moving forward." - David C. Munson Jr.

That's not to say the university had troubles keeping the pandemic at bay, as 111 students and 37 employees have tested positive throughout the semester, with most occurring in conjunction with an increasing infection rate across the Finger Lakes region. Though the campus had operated under enhanced precautions from October 9 onward, bed availability for quarantine and isolation had remained above 85% and there has been no evidence of the virus being transmitted within classrooms.

"Students in quarantine and isolation were extremely well cared for by our own housing and medical staff in the hotel at 175 Jefferson Ave. that we acquired and set up for this purpose. " - David C. Munson Jr.

As the campus begins to move toward the start of the 2021 Spring Semester on January 25, university officials are planning to increase in-person course offerings and transform the Frank Ritter Ice Arena to a large space for study, dining and social activities as a way to enhance student experiences. Students will be required to undertake a pre-arrival COVID test, as was the case with the Fall semester, in addition to a seasonal flu shot.

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